Create a Moment

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We are more used to hearing people ‘taking’ rather than ‘creating’ a moment – perhaps when they are rushed off their feet, or feeling overwhelmed, another way of saying ‘take a break’ or ‘take five’, so what do we mean by ‘create a moment’?

At Ascent, we believe that a large part of fostering is the ability to see the value in everyday experiences that so many children sadly miss out on:

  • Teaching a child how to flip a pancake, tie their shoelace or water the plants.
  • Rehearsing their times tables with them.
  • Showing an interest in what they are playing on the computer or watching on TV.
  • Helping a child to trust that a hug can be safe and feel good.

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These examples won’t appear extraordinary to most. They are everyday activities that many take for granted, but they are moments that can help a child to build memories and positive experiences of family life, times that will shape their social skills and build confidence.

If you think you could commit to creating moments for a child who has missed out on the everyday but important parts of family life Ascent would like to hear from you.

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