The role of the foster carer

Different children require different types of care and its part of a foster carer’s role to be sensitive to the particular needs of those they look after.

A younger child will demand a lot of practical, hands-on attention and possibly high contact levels with their birth family.  A teenager, however, may benefit more if the carer takes the role of a mentor, guiding and preparing them for independence.

Our Carers are asked to look after children and young people who may have had traumatic life experiences which can manifest in different and sometimes demanding ways.

This is why we are looking for resilient people who can work with our professional team to help these children.

At Ascent Fostering we place particular emphasis on providing excellent training, support and professional advice to help our carers meet the needs of children and young people.

All of our foster carers complete a Therapeutic Fostering Training Course  and we offer each young person mentoring support and life skills coaching, as appropriate.


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