World Book Day - The Power of Reading

World Book Day – The Power of Reading
March 1, 2018 WPMaintain

World Book Day – The Power of Reading

Today is World Book Day, a day to celebrate all things books and promote reading.

So in honour of ‘World Book Day’ our blog explores The Power of Reading and how it can play a substantial part in the development of children and young people. We put together a few reasons why we believe there is power in reading.

1. It expands vocabulary – While reading, it is more than likely that children will come across new words they’ve never seen before. Prompting them to find out what it means, resulting in new words added to their vocabulary.

2. They get better at it! –
Practice makes perfect. The best way to get better at reading is to just do it.

3. Boosts self-esteem – Independent reading can help children build confidence in so many ways. As they begin to take ownership and explore what books they enjoy reading.

4. Opens up their world – There are so many characters, backgrounds, themes and stories within books which open up a whole new world. In a book they can meet people and characters they may never meet in real life, giving them a better understanding of the world to prepare them for real-life situations.

5. Reading is entertaining – Before games consoles, tablets, mobile phones and social media, reading was a form of entertainment and still is. Getting lost in a good book still has the same appeal now as it did years ago. And the great thing about a book, it doesn’t need any charging 🙂

6. Academic success – Being an avid reader has been proven to aid academic success. Known to increase vocabulary, general knowledge and cultural awareness. Results showed that children who read for pleasure scored higher on exams than those who didn’t.

7. Imagination – The ability to have imagination is such a special gift and reading really helps ignite this. Reading stories encourages children to develop these skills which have proven to help with child development.