What is Foster care?

Simply put, fostering is looking after someone else’s child temporarily whilst social services work with the family to resolve the issues that have led the child to be taken into care.

In the UK each day many children enter the care system. This can be for a day, a week or years. Foster carers support children and young people at the most difficult and vulnerable time of their lives.

The reasons children come into care are complex and varied. It could be because a parent could not cope, or issues of neglect and abuse.

Whatever the circumstances children need to be looked after by families that are sensitive and non-judgemental.

During this initial period, social services investigate and try their best to resolve the issues. Understandably, children are often hurt, angry and confused by the situation and they often require a lot of reassurance and support.

That is why the role of foster carer is so important in supporting the child and helping them make sense of their situation.


Without doubt, fostering is one of the most rewarding and life changing things a person can do. It gives the Carer the opportunity to assist vulnerable children and help them sort through difficult circumstances.

At the same time it also allows the Carer to show patience, empathy and understanding and be trained in new skills which can make a difference in their lives.

From a personal and emotional point of view, it is incredibly fulfilling for a Carer to see a child stabilise, grow and develop in their home.

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