When embarking on the journey of becoming a foster carer, you will no doubt be thinking about how it will affect your family dynamic. Rest assured, fostering can be a highly positive and rewarding experience for all members of a family. It often involves a combined effort from all, with each member playing a vital part in helping a young person to feel supported, cared for, and empowered to achieve their full potential. 

How Wider Family Members Contribute to Fostering

A commitment to help a foster child often means that parents gain an insight into how their own children are feeling and experiencing different aspects of their lives. You gain the chance to look at the world through the eyes of a child, which enhances your ability to better communicate with your own children and in turn, parent with more intuition and mindfulness. It also helps your own children develop skills in empathy, sharing, caring, and compassion. Children within the family unit often enjoy the team spirit that comes with working together to help and support another youngster, strengthening their own relationships with their parents. 

Fostering also encourages entire families to try out new experiences, especially ones which they know may be of interest to their foster child. This could result in the family learning new skills and hobbies and is very much about broadening their horizons. When whole family units get the opportunity to try out new and exciting pastimes, they experience a feeling of togetherness and quality time. They get to collectively learn new skills and bond over a sense of accomplishment and achievement. 

As a foster carer, you may also seek extra emotional support from your own parents, who can impart valuable advice and wisdom, together with offering encouragement and support. This further strengthens the relationship between them. As is the case with any family unit, it is perfectly possible to live life as usual when you are a foster carer, if you have a great network of support from family and friends surrounding you. 

A commitment to fostering extends to the full family unit, whether that includes siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, or grandparents. Everyone will play an active part in coming together to provide support. They may help with school runs, hobbies, homework, or simply get involved with playtime. This brings a sense of closeness and togetherness for all involved. A foster child who is surrounded by loving family members, with the opportunity to grow new friendships, grows in self-confidence and resilience, helping them to establish their own sense of self. The entire family network is given an opportunity to become positive role models in a youngster’s life, encouraging them to be the best mentors that they can be.


It is not just foster children who can flourish with the right guidance and support from a foster placement – entire family units can enjoy the benefits, too. Nothing strengthens a family more than sharing team spirit, strong bonds, and an overwhelming sense of achievement.

If fostering would fit well with your family, get in touch with the team at Ascent Fostering to begin your foster family journey.

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