Our resident Therapeutic Child Care Consultant, Trudy Darien has over 20 years’ experience as a therapeutic practitioner. She founded the Introduction to Therapeutic Childcare course in 2005, that has now been accredited by APPCIOS (The Association for Psychodynamic Practice and Counselling in Organisational Settings)

The 4-day course is both theoretical and experiential. The aim of the course is to develop an understanding of child development and the impact of early life trauma. To equip us with techniques to support children and young people and to redress their unmet needs. 

Additionally, Trudy has developed the ‘Hypothesis of Need model’ as a technique to further assist with the understanding of why the knowledge of each child’s backstory is an essential tool to recovery. 

She had worked with several local authorities, residential homes, and foster agencies where the approach focused on behaviour modification, resulting in a lack of understanding of the child’s unmet needs.

In these organisations children’s behaviour was often misinterpreted and they were labeled as having behavioral problems. These children often had numerous placement and school breakdowns that further perpetuated the cycle of neglect.

This prompted her to devise a series of groundbreaking courses which evidenced the significant benefits when applying therapeutic techniques.

Trudy has delivered her training courses to social work teams, care homes, schools and foster agencies which have achieved remarkable outcomes in both the children and those who work with them. 

Trudy now works as a consultant and delivers her training and therapeutic model to a wider audience. Her long term aim is for this course to be nationally recognised as a model for working with children and young people who have experienced early life trauma 

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